2010 British Open Venue

The 139th British Open Championship will see the world’s oldest major championship return to its roots. The St Andrews golf course in Fife, Scotland, is where the first Open Championship was played, and the course will be hosting its 28th Open Championship starting on the 15th of July 2010.

A rich golfing heritage

The Old Course at St. Andrews is the oldest golf course in the world, and is believed to have hosted its first game of golf over 600 years ago. The area was originally a public commons, where sportsmen would go to shoot, play golf and even raise rabbits.
Over the centuries St. Andrews gradually evolved into a dedicated golf course, with its patrons including golf afficianados amongst the aristocracy.
The course originally had 22 holes, but as the sport and course evolved this number was cut down to 18, setting the standard that is still used to this day. It was only as recently as 1873 that the St Andrews Golf Course hosted its first Open Championship, won by Tom Kidd.

St Andrews course features

St Andrews golf course has evolved a number of distinct features over its long and distinguished history.
Amongst these are the seven double greens which each host two holes, while only four holes are located on individual greens. St Andrews is also a course than can be played either clockwise or counter-clockwise, with most tournaments at the course conducted anti-clockwise.
Another quirky feature of the St Andrews course is that it is still open to public use. Every Sunday, with the exception of the final day of major golf tournaments, the St. Andrews links are opened to the public who are free to take walks or picnic on greens that have hosted some of the finest players in the history of golf.

St Andrews in 2010

Only one player in the 2010 British Open field has won at St. Andrews.
Tiger Woods won the British Open on the last two occasions it was played at St. Andrews and is one of only five players in the history of golf to have won the Open Championship at St Andrews more than once. While Woods hasn’t been in the best form in 2010, his return to these ancient links may be all that is required to reignite his career and firmly establish himself as the finest player in the history of St Andrew Golf Course.