Open Championship Golf course – The First Six Holes at the Ailsa

  1. Ailsa Craig – 358 yards, par 4 – The opening hole is named after the lump of rock situated slap bang in the middle of the Firth of Clyde and directly in view of the tee box. It shouldn’t pose too much of a problem for the seasoned golfer, it is a straightforward and relatively short par 4, so a birdie could definitely be on the cards!
  2. ‘Mak Siccar’ (Make Sure) – 430 yards, par 4 – As the name suggests, it would be wise to take a bit of time with the difficult tee shot as there are a couple of bunkers lurking in the middle of the fairway waiting for that injudicious drive. Other than that, there are no other hidden gremlins to cause you grief
  3. Blaw Wearie’ (Out of Breath)- 462 yards, par 4 – This is one of the holes boasting sublime views and is set out right next to the Ocean, but when the sea mists come rolling in, visibility can be a bit of an issue. It is a slightly more interesting hole, as the narrow fairway takes a bend to the right virtually at the point where your drive should land and there is a tidy hump on the right side of the fairway about 300 yards in that may very well be the cause of some disappointing re-bounds.
  4. ‘Woe-Be-Tide’ (Watch Out) – 165 yards, par 3 – Although it is a short one, it is definitely a tricky one especially when the wind is howling along the coast. Keep right, as to go left would be suicide – there is a really steep drop off into an abyss where the ball will disappear forever. Beware of playing too short as you may well find the deep bunker guarding the entrance to the green.
  5. ‘Fin Me Oot’ (Find Me Out) – 442 yards, par 4 – One of the more demanding holes on the front nine is the 5th. You don’t only have to avoid the two bunkers lying inside of the dogleg left, but you will want to leave your approach shot long, otherwise you may well end up in the sand of one of the three pot bunkers protecting the narrow entrance to the green.
  6. ‘Tappie Toorie’ (Hit to the Top) – 231 yards, par 3 – This uphill par 3 is the longest on the course and poses one of the sternest tests. There is a steep slope in front of the green that has to be overcome – anything slightly short will be a disaster! Watch out for the large bunker guarding the front right too!