Open Championship Golf Course – Holes Thirteen to Eighteen at the Ailsa

13. ‘Tickly Tap’ (Tricky Stroke) – 412 yards, par 4 – The thirteenth curves slightly to the right but unless you really battle with a long drive, there should not be any major problems ahead. The green is long and narrow and depending upon where the pin is situated, an accurate approach shot should do the trick – a birdie is more of a probability than a possibility!
14. ‘Risk-an-Hope’ (On a Wing and a Prayer) – 449 yards, par 4 – This is another hole begging you to let rip – the fairway is straightforward though narrow and there are literally no danger areas for the good golfer, even the rough will not hinder.
15. ‘Ca’ Canny’ (Take Care) – 209 yards, par 3 – One of the more bedevilling holes of the Ailsa, the 15th is fraught with difficulties and although the green is pretty large, there are deep bunkers on the left and a steep drop to the right that have to be safely negotiated. It is probably best to undershoot as there aren’t any real problems short of the green.
16. ‘Wee Burn’ – 409 yards, par 4 – Named after Wilson’s Burn that runs below the green, the hole features a cleverly placed fairway bunker on the left that may make your approach shot a tad difficult. A straight and long tee shot will leave you well placed but make sure your approach shot carries well over the burn, otherwise it may just trickle back into the hazard.
17. ‘Lang Whang’ (Long Hit) – 497, par 5 – A short but memorable par five that plays through the dunes and ends up on an elevated green. A poor approach shot either right or left will spell untold grief for the unfortunate golfer as the green is well protected by three bunkers – two on the right and one on the left!
18. ‘Ailsa Hame’ (Ailsa’s Home) or Duel in the Sun – 434 yards, par 4 – The final hole doglegs to the left which places a lot more emphasis on the two deep fairway bunkers and although the power hitters will be seduced into trying to hit the green in one, a conservative tee shot to the right will get far better results. This will leave a long, straight approach shot to the green, situated just above the fairway.