Greg Norman

Greg Norman may only have won the Open Championship twice in his long and ongoing career but what has really made him one of the undisputed champions of the elite British Open was his unbelievable challenge for the Claret Jug in the 2008 Championship at the tender age of 53!

Norman’s New Lease on Life…and Wife!

Norman had not played in any of golf’s majors for over three years but with his new lease on life with brand new bride and one of the legends of the tennis courts, the gorgeous Chrissie Evert at his side, he decided to challenge the young guns for the title at Royal Birkdale, and he very nearly pulled off what would been one of the most remarkable comebacks in the history of the game!
Norman had his detractors when he walked out on to the blustery and unforgiving course on the 17th of July and there were many of them. Both the media and announcers alike slated the charismatic Australian for his ‘cheek’ at attempting to claim his third major victory on British soil….and their criticism may have gone a long way in spurring the feisty Norman to pull out one of his better performances on the day!

Led the Pack at Royal Birkdale

Norman was leading the pack with a very respectable 9 over par in the third round but it was Ireland’s Padraig Harington that was his undoing. Norman may not have claimed the title but he did set a new record as the oldest 54-hole leader in a major and that remarkable accolade has earned him automatic qualification to the 2009 Masters at Augusta!
Norman is no stranger to censure, he will probably go down in golfing history as an under-achiever, a tag he will not be thrilled with, but he has often, in the past, had a rush of blood to the head that simply makes him play the unplayable. Not all his major tournament losses, and there were seven of them in total, were his own doing though, he was often pipped at the post by sheer brilliance, so perhaps to be labelled a ‘choker’ is rather unfair.
Norman was clearly at his blistering best close on two decades ago when he claimed the number one spot on the Official World Golf Rankings and he has shown his formidable pedigree having bagged 87 professional wins including the Players Championship in 1994 when he boasted a cracking average of 68.81 per round for the entire year – now beat that!

One of the Greatest Sportsmen of Our Time

Norman will go down in the annals of history as one of the greatest long hitters of the game and he will be remembered as one of the few players who can claim 30 top ten finishes in the four elite tournaments but he will also go down in the history books as one of only two players to have lost a playoff in all four of the majors! So, whether you love him or despise him, he will be celebrated as one of the most outstanding sportsmen of our times having recently joined the formidable ranks of Muhammad Ali, Bjorn Borg and Roger Federer as a multiple winner of the BBC Sports Personality of the Year (Overseas Personality)!