2010 Open Championship Betting

The Open Championship is one of the biggest sporting events of the year, and is eagerly anticipated by golf fans around the world. Many golf fans love the Open for its rich golfing heritage, quality fields and traditions, and an increasing number of these are turning their knowledge of the sport in profits in the British Open betting markets .

Being a dedicated golf fan brings with it the knowledge, insight and expertise to be able to predict the outcome of major events like the 2010 Open Championship with some accuracy. Golf betting markets allow golf fans to apply this knowledge and generate great payouts during the tournament.

Here are just a few of the exciting betting markets gold fans can explore during the 2010 Open Championship:

British Open Match Betting

Tournament match betting markets are some of the easiest British Open betting markets to understand and use. Effectively what these markets do is pit two players against one another for a particular round of a tournament.

Odds are offered on which player will achieve the best score of the round, with odds also available on the two players finishing tied on the same score. To place a tournament match bet on the 2010 British Open Championship, punters simply need to select a match-up that they think they can predict accurately and bet on the player/outcome of their choice.

4 Ball Betting

4 Ball Betting markets are the most popular 2010 Open Championship betting markets. The markets follow the action on the golf course, with golf fans able to bet on any of the 4 ball match ups for any round of play. Odds are available for each player in the 4 ball, and punters are required to predict which player will shoot the lowest score in the relevant round.

Odds for 4 ball betting are quite high, and rarely pay out less than even money on any given selection. Furthermore, dozens of 4 ball betting options are available during the early rounds of play, allowing golf fans to back their favourite players in a wide selection of 4 ball match-ups.

Place Only Betting

Place betting markets give golf fans the opportunity to bet on the final outcome of the tournament, potentially cashing in on up to 5 bets simultaneously. All punters have to do to participate in this market is choose which players they think are capable of finishing in the top five of the tournament (number of places paid may vary).

To generate a payout, punters’ selections are not required to win the tournament, but only to finish the tournament near the top of the leaderboard. While odds on Open Championship place betting markets will not be as high as those available in outright winner markets, they do give punters a better chance of earning payouts on their bets.

Outright Betting

If you’re looking for top odds, look no further than the outright betting markets at the 2010 British Open. The markets are open throughout the tournament, allowing you to predict which players will win the event. Pre-tournament odds in major championships are some of the highest in any form of sports betting, and you can easily get odds of over 20/1 on some of the biggest names in the game.

The best way to capitalise on the high odds in the British Open outright betting markets is to place each-way bets. By ticking the each-way box on your betting slip you’ll automatically double your bet, with half of this placed on your selection finishing in the top five at the British Open. If your selection doesn’t win but makes the top five, you have half your stake paid out at a quarter of his odds.